Sunday, 6 September 2009

4 days left :(

With it being Sunday, the beginning of a new week in Jordan, my time at Living Well is nearing an end with me leaving Jordan on Saturday so only 4 days left :(

Today didn't get off to the best start with me sleeping though my alarm! This meant I was an hour late (you see I am trying to leave a good impression, right before I leave!) but as soon I got in (and apologised profusely) I set out to work. My task was to scan the net for inspiration for the men's photo shoot which will be happening on my last day (sniff), Thursday.

With the next issue being for men, articles on boys and their toys need to be featured in the magazine, Dana gave me the fabulous task of rewriting a press release for; a newly opened remote control car club, which is an entertainment centre for the adventurous of the male species. I am aiming to finish this article tonight!

Tomorrow we will be completing a mixture of tasks, from organising everything for the shoot; collecting clothing then styling the looks ready for the shoot.
Also tomorrow evening will be great fun with leaving drinks organised for fellow intern Hiba and I, with the glamorous Living Well crew!



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