Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Take A Peek Girls...

Today is the start of a new issue and I must say I am excited to be back, after 2 weeks of free time I have missed the work and of course the fabulous office crowd. Every year Living Well use a month's issue to cater for the fashion savvy of the male species by creating a men’s issue. The first job I was given was to scan and note down the trends for men from the Paris and Milan catwalks in order to know to what to look for in the shops to feature in the magazine. I noted down the key reoccurring trends and collated a list, Tamara was then able to identify which styles and trends she wanted to focus on.

During the day a commotion brewed in the office as with a men’s issue, there must be a male photo shoot! A selection of models different ages and styles walked through the door, this lead to various members of staff wondering slyly past the conference room (made of glass) to take a peek. We also viewed images on the computer (someone took a liking to Steve), but as there is no theme set yet no model cannot be decided yet.

I have discovered today that men’s fashion is very conservative and doesn't really stretch the imagination, so going through catwalks consisting of the same colors and styles can become tedious. Women’s fashion however is much more experimental and innovative, I find when I am looking through catwalk images, although there are some repetitive design ideas through the collections, women’s fashion is much more captivating.

Today is 1st of September which means; the September Issue is out and circulating the country...with my picture in it! I must say it is an exhilarating feeling to find that work you have written is published in a REAL magazine, to know that people will actually read it and possibly purchase items you have selected. The front of the magazine looks fantastic with Audrey Tautou gracing the cover and the layout and pieces on the item pages and the trend report look altogether fantastic, and I am honored and proud to have helped towards such a fantastic issue.

Tomorrow we will start scouring the shops to find fashion items suitable for the men of Amman…



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