Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Front Row Online?

Last night I had the opportunity to watch the Burberry Prorsum show, OK, I wasn't actually at the show, but I got the next best thing (that's what I keep telling myself) I watched it streamed live on the Internet. I thought that this was a great idea so all the unlucky people who didn't have a ticket could feel a slice of the magic.

I first heard about it when I received an e-mail update from Burberry with my ticket to watch the show live. It got me thinking, even though you can get access to the images from the show the next day why go to the effort of making it Live and hype up the occasion. The show I admit was great and as one of the people watching it live online, I did feel that I was apart of the front row magic. But what are fashion shows about; the clothes? the designers? or the front row? The most press that we hear about the various fashion week shows involve who was at what show. Will this new trend of online streaming then reduce the prestige of the fashion show as it has become that bit more accessible for the public.

The attendees of the runway shows, focusing on the front row, include the media and famous models and celebrities. Sitting on the front row is vital for peoples reputations, sitting next to the right or wrong person could mean a photograph in the papers for the right reasons or no photo at all. Allowing the shows to be shown live may reduce the feel of intimacy and elitism for those attending.

Will people travelling for afar not feel the need to travel to fashion shows in the different continents when they have the exact thing available to them from their computers. Burberry has been the first that I have heard of to show their collection online, but with rumours of Alexander McQueen to follow suit with his Paris show.

A main part of fashion shows are the social aspects with vital after parties used to showcase the celebrities wearing the designers items, and making the clothing more coveted for the buyers. But will this new trend reduce the numbers attending fashion shows in the future if other designers start to follow suit, I hope not.

The effect of this will not be known initially, it may take a few years to see whether this will change fashion shows in a negative way, or whether this new venture will be positive. I really do hope that by the time I start getting tickets to fashion week shows that the exclusivity will remain the same...



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