Monday, 7 September 2009

Living One Magazine

Today began with the usual; picking up items from various shops to finish off the item pages. Also as the shoot isn't sponsored, clothes need to be found that are not the same as all the item pages, so over the morning we were getting ideas from the new stock that was available in the shops, this will give us an idea what to come in for and where
What I noticed today is that over the month I have been helping out at the magazine, employees in the shops ask what magazine we are from (to tell their managers) and they ALWAYS manage to hear 'living one' instead to Living Well and that is after about 3 attempts to tell's pretty annoying.

After the photos were taken they were uploaded including the ones from the previous days, Tamara was going out the office so she left me the task of labeling each photo with the shop and brand on the so the photos could easily be identified by Tamara. I then spilt them into files, each containing the correct pictures in relation to the item pages.

Tonight I going out for the leaving drink and I can honestly say that my internship has been amazing, what magazine takes their interns out because they are leaving?! and secondly, what magazine actually treats their interns like human beings: Living Well!

Tomorrow I will be reporting on shopping for the photo shoot...



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