Sunday, 26 July 2009

Living Well Magazine Induction and Jewellery Shoot

I am in Amman for the summer so whilst I am here I thought it would be an idea to get some work experience. Living Well is the Jordan's bestselling lifestyle magazine with 15,000 copies in circulation each month. 40% of the magazine content is fashion, so I managed to get work experience within the fashion department.
I was really nervous about the first day and mostly about what to wear!
I was introduced to everyone at the magazine and they were all lovely. Tamara, who is the Fashion Editor talked me through the magazine and showed me how she worked on every page and section. I went with Tamara and Hiba (graphic design and layout of the magazine and pages) to pick up masks for the jewellery shoot happening at the office later. They were very theatrical and ornate perfect for laying the various diamond jewels on. I stayed for a while and observed the shoot but then I was asked to look for catwalk images for the style pages for the theme 'green'.
It was nearing the end of the month so the fashion pages were almost completed for the next issue.
Tamara said during the first 2 weeks of August she would need my help with 2 photo shoots and the style pages, so until then that was my first day at Living Well Magazine.
I learnt what the magazine consisted of how the photo shoots were run and how the style pages were put together and meet some great people in the process!

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Monday, 6 July 2009

Emma Watson For Burberry A/W09

After hearing the collaboration of Emma Watson for Burberry Prorsum was due to take place I was worried/jealous to say the least. Emma Watson is not a model but judging by the pictures taken by renowned fashion photographer Mario Testino my mind has been changed.

Ms Watson really deliveres in the pictures outshinning the male models accompaining her in the photos. A natural English beauty, Christopher Bailey chose a relevant model to bring Burberry bag to it British roots, shot in Westminister near the Burberry headquaters.

The campaign shows Ms Watson in a mixture of blazers and trench coats for some classic British styling, keeping the make up natural with dark eyes for Emma.

Well hasn't she grown up from her early Harry Potter days!
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Source: Flickr

BFC London Fashion Week - 25th Anniversary

With the British Fashion Council (BFC) celebrating 25 years of London Fashion Week, the fashion crowd are in for an exciting return to London many designers. The likes of Jonathan Saunders, Mathew Williamson, Burberry and Pringle will be returning to their roots for their Spring/Summer 2010 collections.

This is an exciting year for London fashion week with the return of British designers on the 25th anniversary and there said to be a turnaround in British fashion.

London Fashion Week is about to experience a new era of British Fashion...


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Summer Project

The main point of our summer project is to focus our mind onto reflective writing and how it can benefit us in many ways. A link to helpful videos with tips can be found below and I will give my thoughts on what the videos are trying to show us.

Visual diary's and reflective journals have always been my week point and it is where I always fail to present my ideas clearly, this is probably due to the length it takes me to write down any initial ideas, meaning that much gets lost in the process.

I always leave my journals to the end stages of a project so the first tip I found helpful was mentioned many times by the various lecturers in the videos; to carry a small book around with me so that any time an idea comes to mind or I take part in a new experience I should write it down. Originally these can be short scribbles which can then days later be looked back to and scoured for inspiration. Short term memory effects many of us meaning that these notes can remind us of a moment that we would have forgotten at a later date. The notes 'of the moment' tend to be honest as they are not tampered with or changed.

When looking back at a situation it is easy to forget the good and bad points, but having a record can allow me to learn from the bad, and change a technique or process, seeing what one I am successful at can show me how can improve other aspects my work. This can mean that I can take my work to the next level and improve.

Journals can be used to create ideas, collate information and inspire or help another topic or project. It is important that every step of the thought process is recorded so when I go to write my dissertation in my third year I can include my feelings and thoughts on the entire process and then look back and use the information when the time comes.

The reflective journal can be a way of giving messages to myself in the future and developing my skills, it can be then referred to over time. A S.W.O.T analysis can then be carried out from the information. One of the most helpful points made in the video was to use these key words to use as a structure so I do not forget what to write:

Why? When? Where? Who? What? How?

These 6 words will really help me when I try to improve on my reflective writing and when I struggle with what to put in it.
The most important thing is to record everything whilst it is still fresh in the mind and to be honest with myself...