Sunday, 27 September 2009

Interns Come And Go

Every time I come to SCPR there always seems to be a new intern, today there were two. I believe that this is their sly way of saying to us "work your socks off because you can be replaced in a minute". I think if I was working full time this would probably bother me but I only have two days left to work before I head back to University. Work was good last Thursday as I got an opportunity to talk with one of the employees called Liz. She gave me a real insight in what it is like to work for a PR company and shows me that it is not what it is perceived to be. If like me, you watch The Hills or The City, the glamorised jobs they do are nothing compared to the hard graft involved in PR. It is a very competitive industry with each company fighting to get the most advertising for their clients, as they could be dropped in a moment and replaced with another firm. PR is a very cut throat job like any in the fashion industry.

I will leave you readers with the fabulous insight into the fashion industry from Heidi Klum "One minute you're in, next minute you're out"...


Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Front Row Online?

Last night I had the opportunity to watch the Burberry Prorsum show, OK, I wasn't actually at the show, but I got the next best thing (that's what I keep telling myself) I watched it streamed live on the Internet. I thought that this was a great idea so all the unlucky people who didn't have a ticket could feel a slice of the magic.

I first heard about it when I received an e-mail update from Burberry with my ticket to watch the show live. It got me thinking, even though you can get access to the images from the show the next day why go to the effort of making it Live and hype up the occasion. The show I admit was great and as one of the people watching it live online, I did feel that I was apart of the front row magic. But what are fashion shows about; the clothes? the designers? or the front row? The most press that we hear about the various fashion week shows involve who was at what show. Will this new trend of online streaming then reduce the prestige of the fashion show as it has become that bit more accessible for the public.

The attendees of the runway shows, focusing on the front row, include the media and famous models and celebrities. Sitting on the front row is vital for peoples reputations, sitting next to the right or wrong person could mean a photograph in the papers for the right reasons or no photo at all. Allowing the shows to be shown live may reduce the feel of intimacy and elitism for those attending.

Will people travelling for afar not feel the need to travel to fashion shows in the different continents when they have the exact thing available to them from their computers. Burberry has been the first that I have heard of to show their collection online, but with rumours of Alexander McQueen to follow suit with his Paris show.

A main part of fashion shows are the social aspects with vital after parties used to showcase the celebrities wearing the designers items, and making the clothing more coveted for the buyers. But will this new trend reduce the numbers attending fashion shows in the future if other designers start to follow suit, I hope not.

The effect of this will not be known initially, it may take a few years to see whether this will change fashion shows in a negative way, or whether this new venture will be positive. I really do hope that by the time I start getting tickets to fashion week shows that the exclusivity will remain the same...


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

No More Shampoo!

Yesterday I was back to work to start my second day at Stephanie Churchill PR. I did the smart thing and took the train today (which thankfully meant more sleep for me) and arrived bright and ready for the day ahead. I got to the office and luckily for me the shampoo had been dealt with, so I could return to the work in the cosy interns office. Being a Monday definitely has its down points; back to work after the weekend, all the tasks left over from Friday had to be sorted out, and the Monday request all had to be processed. So we got to work. Two new interns joined the office and one of them I find later had the fabulous job of counting and sorting all the hair products...lucky girl.

The day felt long but I feel that after only two days I have learnt a bit about the fashion PR industry, leaving me to not cross out PR as a future career...yet.


Friday, 18 September 2009

New Country New Experience

After arriving back in the UK on the 12th, I was missing the excitement of my last work experience at Living Well Magazine, with university not starting until October 5th a good way to fill the time was to try and get some more work experience. With nothing yet set up I was checking my e-mails and noticed one that was asking for help working within a PR firm. With my future career aspirations not yet decided it looked to be a great opportunity to gain some much needed insight into other aspects of the fashion industry. I emailed a lady called Fi and fortunately the had places for part time experience so I organised that I would come in twice a week on Monday's and Wednesday's. This was better for me so I could commute up to London on those days.

Wednesday began early at 4am this was in order to get the 4:55 bus which would arrive at 8:20. Working hours are from 9-5:30 which is much longer than my last work experience so I was worried about even being awake when I arrived! I managed to get to the office early so I was ready for work at Stephanie Churchill PR. The office was bright and modern and after Liz introduced me to everyone I was set to work in the closet. The main bulk of the work for interns is with logging in and out fashion items from magazine, TV programs and photo shoots. There were two other interns in the office and they showed me the ropes by helping with the computer system and the general office work. In the afternoon I had to help organise a large order to hair products that came in...when I say large I mean thousands of products!

It was only a small insight today as I didn't really get the opportunity to understand the roles and jobs within the office, but as today was only my first day I am hoping to learn more in my coming visits but today has pushed the limits and I go home feeling exhausted. But a definite lesson today is to book my travel in advance so I can catch the train and by this getting some much needed extra sleep!

Thursday, 10 September 2009


My last day today and the only way that I can finish my internship is with a day of hard labor. I began by waking up at 5:15 which is later than the last shoot which was a relief and was picked up from home at 6:45 we then headed straight to the office. It was safe to say that I was feeling a lot more awake than last time which I am sure was a great relief to Tamara. What wasn't great was that the model was running late as he was meant to be arriving at 6:45, so at 7 Tamara was getting a little anxious as the model agency said he was already en route. The make-up artist was waiting from 7 and also had to get to another shoot and unfortunately we then find out that the model wasn't coming.

With the model agency having no plan B on standby and telling us that it would take a while for them to find a new model, the dilemma was huge and the model agency had left us hanging which was very unprofessional. This may have ruined the whole shoot and with clothing needed to be returned the same day everything could have turned for the worst, luckily a male friend of the magazine saved the day although he wasn't the same size he was smaller which could easily be dealt with using clips bulldog clips and pins. We were running an hour behind and the location had to change because of the time change.

In spite of all the initial problems the shoot ran quickly and smoothly. There was more help on this shoot than the last which made preparing and packing the clothes a lot quicker and easier. We finished early at 11:30 and that was when I said bye to Tamara :( I went with Rasha to return some of the item and that was it. My internship was unfortunately over.

Recapping over the time I have had here is a list of things that I will miss:
• Tamara's "amazing" singing in the car
• Let’s not forget her sixth sense (yes, she can predict the future)
• Candice's random interesting facts
and of course I will miss the fabulous Hiba and Dana!

I have learnt so much from this experience which I hope has been reflected and reported in this blog. I will carry on writing (don’t forget to e-mail me if you need a freelancer!) as this experience has shown me how working within a team at a magazine and working with fashion can be interesting and diverse. Working in this field means that one can be involved in many aspects of the fashion industry instead of focusing on just one, the work then is motivating as you can never bore of doing a range of things.

Using the famous words of Arnold Swartzenager "I'll Be Back", so you cannot get rid of me that easily!


Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Final Day In The Office

Tamara picked me up today so we could head straight to the boutiques and carry on with locating the rest of the garments for the photo shoot. We found a large amount of items and after visiting various shops we concluded the shopping. We were joined on our travels today by Rasha who works within the company on various things but is fabulous with accessories, so it was great to have her input.

When we got back to the office, all the clothes were got out and we started to put together the looks. Even though shopping for the men's clothing was boring I found that styling the looks was quite enjoyable, as men's clothing can actually look fashionable!

Once this was finished the work for today was done, we sat in the office and I thought about the time I had here. It has been so amazing and I was worried I would get a little emotional...but I didn't because I am positive that the next time that I am here in Jordan I will see everyone again...and they will have to see me again too!!!

Photo shoot tomorrow!


Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Time Flies

Last night was great fun and can anyone say that as a result of their internship they were given a present as well - a gorgeous paisley scarf! Thank you!

On to today’s work, we were in the office all morning and until around one; we were labeling all the items ready to be put on the item pages and trend report. After this task was done it was time to start the shopping for the photo shoot, two other people came along today, Hiba's sister who is also interning and Dana's brother to give the male perspective of the clothes (he also came in handy with carrying the shopping!).

Today was short as only three shops were visited today but tomorrow we will have time to go to many more, and then put the entire looks together ready for the photo shoot. Tomorrow will also be my last day in the office...upsetting times!


Monday, 7 September 2009

Living One Magazine

Today began with the usual; picking up items from various shops to finish off the item pages. Also as the shoot isn't sponsored, clothes need to be found that are not the same as all the item pages, so over the morning we were getting ideas from the new stock that was available in the shops, this will give us an idea what to come in for and where
What I noticed today is that over the month I have been helping out at the magazine, employees in the shops ask what magazine we are from (to tell their managers) and they ALWAYS manage to hear 'living one' instead to Living Well and that is after about 3 attempts to tell's pretty annoying.

After the photos were taken they were uploaded including the ones from the previous days, Tamara was going out the office so she left me the task of labeling each photo with the shop and brand on the so the photos could easily be identified by Tamara. I then spilt them into files, each containing the correct pictures in relation to the item pages.

Tonight I going out for the leaving drink and I can honestly say that my internship has been amazing, what magazine takes their interns out because they are leaving?! and secondly, what magazine actually treats their interns like human beings: Living Well!

Tomorrow I will be reporting on shopping for the photo shoot...


Sunday, 6 September 2009

4 days left :(

With it being Sunday, the beginning of a new week in Jordan, my time at Living Well is nearing an end with me leaving Jordan on Saturday so only 4 days left :(

Today didn't get off to the best start with me sleeping though my alarm! This meant I was an hour late (you see I am trying to leave a good impression, right before I leave!) but as soon I got in (and apologised profusely) I set out to work. My task was to scan the net for inspiration for the men's photo shoot which will be happening on my last day (sniff), Thursday.

With the next issue being for men, articles on boys and their toys need to be featured in the magazine, Dana gave me the fabulous task of rewriting a press release for; a newly opened remote control car club, which is an entertainment centre for the adventurous of the male species. I am aiming to finish this article tonight!

Tomorrow we will be completing a mixture of tasks, from organising everything for the shoot; collecting clothing then styling the looks ready for the shoot.
Also tomorrow evening will be great fun with leaving drinks organised for fellow intern Hiba and I, with the glamorous Living Well crew!


Thursday, 3 September 2009


So today was a continuum of yesterday with more shops to visit. We were heading to the high end designer stores and boutiques looking for the best of men's clothing. We managed to pick up a lot today which meant that we had much more variety of shops and brands to be displayed on the pages. With the final themes decided we had gathered enough to complete some of the pages but of course items would have to be checked and reviewed.

Once the items were taken back to the office they were photographed and recorded, I took me time but I did learn to finally spell the designers name in the end; Ermenegildo Zegna! It was a mouthful and I took me a while to figure out not to keep writing the name down, but by simply using an abbreviation (thanks Tamara!)

The weekend begins this evening so I will be enjoying the last of Amman whilst I can by heading out...Ciao


Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Men's Shopping = Boring Shopping

The job for today was to tackle the mall and obtain as much men’s clothing as possible. With basic ideas of what themes we will focus on for the issue; the themes were decided on by looking at the catwalks but also by considering the key demographic and what actually available within the shops of Amman. Concentrating on what is only ‘fashionable’ may alienate the consumers that we are hoping to target; therefore each item has to be selected to fit the concept of the stylish Amman man.
Many items were found today but they are still not enough to fill the pages. The problem with men’s clothing is that it can all look the same; trousers, shirts, jackets...ect. The key is to show subtle differences that allow each item to look different from similar items on the other pages.
After we collected all the items the same method is used as with taking photos for women's wear; where the items are bought back to the office, photographed then returned a few hours later to the correct store.

Tomorrow will be a follow on from today with plenty of 'exciting' and ‘stimulating’ men's clothing shops to explore.


Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Take A Peek Girls...

Today is the start of a new issue and I must say I am excited to be back, after 2 weeks of free time I have missed the work and of course the fabulous office crowd. Every year Living Well use a month's issue to cater for the fashion savvy of the male species by creating a men’s issue. The first job I was given was to scan and note down the trends for men from the Paris and Milan catwalks in order to know to what to look for in the shops to feature in the magazine. I noted down the key reoccurring trends and collated a list, Tamara was then able to identify which styles and trends she wanted to focus on.

During the day a commotion brewed in the office as with a men’s issue, there must be a male photo shoot! A selection of models different ages and styles walked through the door, this lead to various members of staff wondering slyly past the conference room (made of glass) to take a peek. We also viewed images on the computer (someone took a liking to Steve), but as there is no theme set yet no model cannot be decided yet.

I have discovered today that men’s fashion is very conservative and doesn't really stretch the imagination, so going through catwalks consisting of the same colors and styles can become tedious. Women’s fashion however is much more experimental and innovative, I find when I am looking through catwalk images, although there are some repetitive design ideas through the collections, women’s fashion is much more captivating.

Today is 1st of September which means; the September Issue is out and circulating the country...with my picture in it! I must say it is an exhilarating feeling to find that work you have written is published in a REAL magazine, to know that people will actually read it and possibly purchase items you have selected. The front of the magazine looks fantastic with Audrey Tautou gracing the cover and the layout and pieces on the item pages and the trend report look altogether fantastic, and I am honored and proud to have helped towards such a fantastic issue.

Tomorrow we will start scouring the shops to find fashion items suitable for the men of Amman…