Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Forward PR Press Day

Even navigating through the various plush press rooms in the Savoy, you can find that garments and accessories start to look the same but Forward PR had some innovative pieces on show.
S.C. Vizcarra are long established handbag designers known for their hand woven pieces.  The company was orginally set up in Manila int 1925 but is now being run by the grand daughter who has taken to expanding the business through Europe.  We saw a selection of bags from intricate mini woven bags to super sized (above).  I think what makes a real difference with these bags are the hand made quality and the mix of leather and wicker.  There is also a range of sculptural shapes and ergonomic designs as you can see Megan modelling below. 

Beautiful Soul is a eco-aware luxury womenswear label set up by Nicola Woods.  We had a look at her collection where all the fabrics were vintage Kimonos that had been redesigned into classic, yet interesting silhouettes.  However, no scrap of material is wasted as they are made into fastenings and even jacket linings like you can see in the mens jacket below.  As all the fabrics are vintage you will find that no item is the same which adds even makes the garments even more covetable.


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