Friday, 1 January 2010

One Size Fits All...Apparently

For V Magazines next issue they have faced the Curvy Vs Skinny debate head on.  V is taking a risk with this issue but I think the idea is refreshing to actually see a publication do this and put the issue in the fore front of the public year new start I say, and I hope to see some changes in the fashion industry next year.

One shoot in the January 14th Size issue is shot by Terry Richardson and shows the comparison in the two sizes of models in identical outfits.  Its a really fabulous spread and shows to me that the plus size model in my opinion looks more gorgeous in the spread.  Maybe there is hope for me after all!

More pictures below...


Photography : Terry Richardson
Styling : Mel Ottenberg
Source : V Magazine

I Am On My Way!

During the summer those who read my blog will be aware that I did work experience at Living Well Magazine in Jordan.  It was a great experience  which allowed me to step outside of my box and whilst I was there I wrote a few articles.  Well like on Blue Peter here's one I did earlier and it has been featured (with my name on it!) about the celebrity kids cultures and the fashions they are rocking.

It's a 4 page spread and I feel so lucky to have been published in the December issue see the rest below...

Check out Living Well's website :