Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Dolce and Gabbana A/W 10/11

Wow... The best streamed show by far from all the fashion weeks, from one of the design houses who are very much behind the movement of fashion and the internet as well as heavily endorsing it.  Sicilianit√†, sartorialit√†, sensualit√† - or roughly translated, Sicilian, stylish and sensual was what this collection was about.  It all began backstage showing the hair, make up; matt red lips and flushed cheeks, and the final accessories being added on, to showing the celebrities and editors arriving at the door, it was all very planned out with cameras switching from locations.  Dolce and Gabbana wanted to make sure that this was an extravagant event.  The show began with them showing a very short documentary style video in a workroom showing their team constructing garments, they were trying to show the audience that this show was all about the the construction and the clothes.

Dolce and Gabbana started with the very romantic music to reflect the theme of the show; velvet and satin in shades of emerald and red, the nightwear as daywear theme came through.  They really went back to the  essentials of fashion design with elegant tailoring and very classic styles with the cinched in waists, but this does not mean that they cut back on the sex appeal; sheer lace and their classic leopard print, they even sneaked in a coy red bra strap.  There was a lot of prim tweed and floral patterns but they were contrasted with next outfit of satin and lace pants and sheer polka dot.

The show ended with a march of models in the black tailored pieces with the video showing all of the design team as a homage to them.  This collection brought a tear fashionistas eye, it made the hairs stand up on my arms; the concept, theme and execution was perfection.

Images Source: Catwalking