Saturday, 31 July 2010

Friday, 23 July 2010

Sketchbook Magazine at Kingly Court

I am rather excited to be doing some part time work experience at Sketchbook Magazine.  As I don't live in London I am trying to get up their when I can which leaves me commuting to and fro.  So Sketchbook has currently relocated to Kingly Court in Carnaby for an exciting interactive exhibition.  With 3 floors to use in an exciting industrial space: Art in the basement, fashion on the ground floor and the 3rd issue being created in the live office on the top floor.

Fabulous make-up artist Lucy Pearson of LucyLovesRussia

Clothing and these fabulous shoes by Hannah Sea a recent Westminster Graduate

Aren't they a fashionable bunch - Calum Knight, Naomi James (Photographer) and Auk Homme

Sketchbook magazine is such a creative hub for people and in this space people are currently using it for live photo shoots and artists working on fabulous illustrations.  Today I must admit was rather long with lots of typing and listening involved but I got to meet some very exciting people who took over the space.

Prepping for another shoot

This is for the gorgeous Laura Sam who refuses to have pictures taken and the lovely Corinne Delaney


Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sophie's Closet

So if you like me believe that the right accessories make an outfit - then you will love this gem (no pun intended) of a online shopping haven for accessories.  Sophie's Closet is a sumptuous collection of all things gorgeous with accessories that are likely to make a big hole in you LV purses.  Sophie's Closet sells a range of vintage accessories as well as up and coming designers.

Vintage Christian Dior Brooch Set - $1496.92

Now my guilty pleasure is watching episodes of Gossip Girl so I can marvel at all the gorgeous fashions; whether its Blair's trademark headband or Serena's earrings you can find a lot of the designers worn by the stars of Gossip Girl.

Blair's Big Bow Silk Dupioni Headband - $95.26

Serena's Simon Tu Black Diamond CZ Earrings - $449.08

Jenny's Siman Tu CZ Bracelets - $421.86

Sophie's Closet delivers worldwide so I have chosen my favourite items from the website to add to my want list...

Jennifer Behr Crystal Headband - $542.98

CC Skye Power Ring - $239.51               CC Skye Screw Bracelet Gunmetal - $114.31

Bounkit Green Agate Earrings - $454.52               Vita Fede Do Ring Gold - $206.85

Check out all these fabulous items on Sophie's Closet and happy shopping!


Sunday, 11 July 2010

Notting Hill

I had a meeting in Notting Hill at the beginning of the week and thanks to the wrong directions from a Cafe Nero Barista I ended up getting majorly lost.  It was scorching hot weather and I wished I was in my air conditioned car but I ended up on Portobello Road and in the surrounding area and fell in LOVE.  Notting Hill is such a beautiful area filled with architecture and history and I love that it feels nothing like London - very peaceful and serene.  I got a few pictures sorry as there aren't many I was really in a rush!