Tuesday, 15 February 2011

All Walks Beyond The Catwalk Event at The National Portrait Gallery

The All Walks Beyond The Catwalk Event 'Snapped' at the National Portrait Gallery was a gathering of industry individuals who were there to support change in the industry.  On display were a range of photos to promote diversity in fashion, shot by the talented Rankin.  I have already talked about All Walks last year link but the initiative has gained in following and interest over the last year.  The main part of the evening consisted of a debate chaired by Caryn Franklin and the panel consisted of Erin O'Connor, Lorainne Candy (Editor-In-Chief of Elle UK), Lynne Featherstone MP, Linda Papadopoulos and Kiki Kendrick.

Some highlights from the debate:

Lorainne Candy  
"We (Elle) don't present very unrealistic images, we have turned away celebrities that were not good role models...I don't think regulating would work...We don't want to get rid of the beautiful fantasy of fashion, women wouldn't buy magazines that were derogatory to women"
"To regulate airbrushing is very complicated in fashion"
"We should look at all media, not just fashion celebrity culture is a big issue.  Elle is being brave by addressing this issue but Readers must begin the debate"

Erin O'Connor 
"Models are getting increasingly younger - they are vulnerable and not fully formed in mind and in body.  We need to expand on the idea of beauty"

Kiki Kendrick 
"Fashion is the only sector without a regulatory body...people believe the images are real.  Advertising - tell a woman that she is old, fat and ugly and she will spend money, tell her she is young and beautiful and she wont spent any"

Linda Papadopoulos 
"Womens values lies in being desirable"
"Fashion is the only industry where women get paid more than men"
"The more you see something the more it becomes normal.  We don't have the opportunity to question it, we become habituated...Discussions should be started as young as possible...have transparency with airbrushing, we know about images, young girls don't."

The image above perfectly sums up the point that the images portrayed in fashion are unobtainable.  The evening prompted many of the attendees to consider the problems that exist within the industry but also what we can do to change it. 

"Power is with the public" - Caryn Franklin
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